Camden County Wills

Camden WB "A", Wills and Appraisements (1795 1829)

HENRY WRIGHT, est. appraised 9/22/1795.

To: David Bailey for many kindnesses. Wits: William Ashley and wife, Mrs. Mary Ashley.

CAPT. WILLIAM READY of Cumberland Island.
Robert Stafford applied for admn 11/13/1797, appraised 1/28/1797.

ICHABOD BULKELEY. Estate appraised 3/1/1798.

ELEAZER BEMISS, est. appraised at St. Marys 2/22/1798.

THOMAS RICHARDSON, late of Charleston, S. C., est. appraised in Camden Co.

WILLIAM GORMAN, JR. estate appraised 9/15/1798. William Gorman, Sr., admr.

JAMES GAMBLE, admn granted 1/7/1800; est. appraised 3/15/1800.

ROBERT BROWN, admn granted 1/7/1800.

JAMES VINCENT, admn granted 1/7/1800.

JAMES McCOMB, admn granted 1/7/1800.

Camden Co. WB A, Wills and Appraisements (1795 1829)

THOMAS NORRIS, 4/25/1800:5/20/1800
Friends: William Gibson, Alexander Watt of Savannah. Son: William Norris of Island of
Jamaica. Property located in St. Marys, Ga., Jamaica, West Indies. Exrs: William Gibson,
Alexander Watt.

THOMAS STAFFORD 4/20/1800:5/23/1800
Wife: Lucy, extrx. Seven ch: Robert, Elizabeth, Susannah, Clearissa, Mary, Thomas,
Harriet (minors).

RICHARD COLE, certified copy of Letters of Admn of his estate granted by Ordinary of
Charleston Dist., S. C. 6/8/1800, recorded Camden Co. Mrs. Ann Cole, admx.

Wife: Eve. Three ch: Sarah, Margaret, Jane. Exrs: Jacob and William Mickler.

JOHN HAY, estate appraised 10/3/1801.

WILLIAM HUBBARD, estate appraised 11/7/1801.

JAMES AKIN, estate appraised 12/6/1801.

JAMES WOODLAND 8/10/1800:1801
Sons: James, Jr. Son: Robert (when 21). Daus: Frances, Mariah. Wife: Elizabeth, extrx.

WILLIAM DALLAS of St. Marys 11/7/1801:
William Ashley, George Cook, exrs. William Jones, Sr. and R. McD. Elliott to collect
sufficient of estate to pay themselves when they are due and residue to go to wife

RICHARD GASGOIGNE of St. Marys 11/18/1801:5/8/1802
Sisters: Mary and Elizabeth Gascoigne of Rugby, England. To: Richard Barnett, William
Gibson (1/8th of estate except in England). Exr: William Gibson.

ARMINTA DILWORTH of Cumberland Island 7/5/1802:7/28/1806
Sister: Margaret Jones and her two sons, George and James Jones. Bro: James Woodland.
Niece: Peggy Bell. Exrs: John Couper of St. Simons Island, Phineas Miller of Cumberland
Island, John Hardee of Satilla River.

JOHN ARNOLD, Clergy of the Presbyterian Church, Master of Arts,
Ch: Joseph Nelson, Elizabeth, Sarah, William, Sophie, Prodence, Samuel Nelson, Mary,
John. Exrs: James Townsend, James Smith, Garret Ludwith, Ralph Cunningham.

Camden Co. WB A, Wills and Appraisements (1795 1829)

ALEXANDER ELLIOTT 11/28/1802:3/7/1803
Ch: Richard McD. J., William, James, Rachel (not yet 18), Alexander, 89 acres in
Abbeville Dist., S. C. on the Savannah River. Exrs: Wife, and John and James Elliott.

IRBY RAGLAND, overseer for James Seagrove 4/8/1803:1/6/1804
Bro: Hudson Ragland. Sister: Betsy Ray.

ALEXANDER GRAHAM of Satilla River 5/7/1803:1/9/1804
Wife: Nancy. Ch: Nancy Ponder, Archibald, Colin, Rachel, Mary, John, Elizabeth. Money
owed his father, Archibald Graham, recorded in Edinborough, Scotland, being due by
Peter Campbell of Argylesshire, to be collected for heirs.

MAREE LOUISE LEFEVRE 2/15/1803:1/9/1804
Son: Leon Devenbaugh, exr. Daus: Louise Hermine Forticot, Margarette Fortuville, Maria
Colerine Scodore, Maria Louise Sinne, Jain, Jacques, Lise, Durrgear, Nichola, Poupont,
Jean, Jacob, Titon, Marie Catherine, Teodire and Martha Louise Sereves.

JOSEPH JUDSON 2/6/1803:4/16/1803
Niece: and nephew: Phoebe and Beach (bro and sister). To ch of older bro., Abraham
Judson of Fairfield Co., CT. Exrs: R. Mc. T. Elliott, William Johnston.

WILSON WILLIAMS, St Marys, 12/7/1802:8/17/1803
Wife: Elizabeth. Ch: Christian Jones, Hetty, Rebecca, William, Harriet. Exrs: Wife, David
Garvin, James Mott.

BRYAN BAYARD 9/27/1803:5/16/1804
Wife: Catherine, sole heir and extrx.

PHINEAS MILLER of Chatham Co., "Mulberry Grove", 12/11/1797:5/11/1804, Camden
Bros. and sisters: Isaac, Samuel, Hannah, Anna, Olivia, Ruth and Lucretia Miller. Wife
(unnamed). To: William Hunter, Ebenezer Jackson, Sr., William Beleper, Ray and
Catherine Sands (nephew and niece of my wife), Edward and William Littlefield, sons of
Capt. William Littlefield. Sis in law: Mrs. Phoebe Sands. Exrs: Decias Wadsworth of
Farmington, CT, Dr. Lemuel Kollock of Savannah, and wife.

EVAN EVANS MUCH, 6/21/1804:7/5/1804
Father: Jeremiah Much. Sisters: Elenor Waters, Jane and Margaret Much. Bros: Adam,
Thomas and Jeremiah Much. Friend: Francis Young of St. Marys, ship carpenter. To: Mrs.
Elizabeth Sleigh, Miss Jane Hage. Exrs: James Townsend, John Chevalier.

Camden Co. WB A, Wills and Appraisements (1795 1829)

WILLIAM GORMAN 1/29/1806:3/17/1806
Wife: Jane. "To all my ch and my grdau, Cheziah." Exrs: Son, John Gorman and
son in law, Robert L. Burnell.

CESER FRANCIS MUSSAULT, JR., native of Angers, capitol of Langon in Parish of St.
Michael of Terter, legitimate son of Leonard Mussault and Anne Trouellet, 52 years old,
Exr: William Gibson of St. Marys, Ga. To: Suzette Duval, free person of color. Sis in law:
Anne Margaret Frerd.

JOHN EATON 4/5/1807:4/14/1807
Wife: Elizabeth. Son: Joseph (not 21). If son dies before age 21, then to go to ch of my
bro. , William Eaton. Exrs: John Brown, Abraham Bessant, Capt. Sylvanus Church.

JOHN KETCHELL, late Master of sloop, "Two Sisters", 7/4/1807:7/7/1807
To: Mrs. Rudolph for her care of him in illness. Wits: Dr. Lucius Hitchcock, Samuel Kean,
James Vincent.

MRS. ANN GRAHAM 7/27/1807:6/14/1808
Ch: Archibald (slave if he takes care of John and Mary until they are 16), John, Mary,
Colin, John, Ann Ponder, Rachel Cook, Mary. Exrs: Son, Archibald Graham and friend,
Charlton Mizell, Jr.

SAMUEL CROZIER 10/27/1808:11/10/1808, nuncupative LWT
Estate to his sisters: Mary and Margaret. Wits: Dr. Micah Stone, Samuel Boyd, Timothy
Hopkins, who stated that decd died at Jefferson, the county site.

ASA LATHORP of St. Marys 9/24/1808:1/3/1809
Wife: Rachel. At her death to ch of Mrs. Lucy Coolidge, widow, and my sister, Eunice,
and ch of my three bros: Backus, Zebulon, Nathaniel. Exrs: Asa Holton, friend, Burwell
Lathorp, and wife.

PEYTON SKIPWITH, JR. 2/23/1804:1/3/1809
Wife: Cornelia Lott Skipwith. "my children". Friend: George N. Skipwith. Exrs: Wife and
George N. Skipwith.

JOHN LAFUQUE 9/8/1810:1/15/1811
Friend: Leroi of Cumberland Island, Ga.

LANGLEY BRYANT 12/1804:9/2/1811
Wife: Mary. Ch: James, Esther, Rebecca, Langley, Jr., Silas. Exrs: Wife, James Bryant,
Allen Thomas and Allen Mickler.
Camden WB A, Wills and Appraisements (1795 1829)

ELIHU HUBBARD of St. Marys 5/21/1808:4/2/1812
Sons: Malathia Hala, John. Friend: Francis Chevellier his share of the sloop "Two Sisters".
To: Friend, William King. Friend: James Jameson at New Sterling near Campbellton in S.
C. who has testator's son, M. H. Hubbard. Exrs: William King, John Jameson. Wits: J. M.
Lindsey, William L. Bullock, Charles Stahl.

LEBBEUS ROGERS of St. Marys 4/19/1812:5/12/1812
Wife: Mary, sole heir and extrx.

RICHARD PROCTOR of East Florida 12/8/1812 Cumberland Island, Ga. 9/6/1813:
Ch: William, Hester. "The woman to whom I was unfortunately married has for a long
time been living in open adultery and is to receive nothing." Exr and gdn of minor dau.,
Hester: Francis Richard Rogers, Jr.

ISAAC WHEELER 10/19/1813:12/4/1813
Ch: Catherine, martha, Eliza of High Hills, at Rafton's Creek, Santee, S. C. Exrs: Henry
Sadler, merchant of St. Marys and George Atkinson, merchant of Amelia Island (S. C.)

WILLIAM McCLURE of Charleston, S. C. 12/10/1812:11/5/1813, certified copy
recorded in Camden Co., Ga. Daus: Jannet, Sarah, who reside in England. To: Miss Susan
McCall of Loch Ragon in Scotland, aunt of girls. Exrs: William Muir of Charleston,
Alexander Brown, J. and C. Bulow of Charleston, William Berrie of East Florida, James
Wilson of Charleston.

MRS. CATHERINE MILLER of "Dungeness", Cumberland Island, Ga.
Son: Nathaniel R. Greene. After his death to his ch. Dau: Louisa Catherine Greene.
Godson: Phineas Miller Kollock of Savannah. Nephew: Ray Sands. Niece: Phoebe R.
Paine. Friend: Dr. Lemuel Kollock, land owned by her late husband, Gen. Greene on Duck
River, TN. Sister: Phoebe Sands of Block Island. Grch: Phineas Miller Nightengale,
Catherine Nightengale, Joseph Nightengale, George W. Skipwith, Peyton Skipwith, Gray
Skipwith. Dau: Mrs. Martha W. Turner of E. Greenwich. Dau: Mrs. Cornelia L. Skipwith
Littlefield. Friends: Dr. Lemuel Kollock, Russel Goodrich. Wits: Dr. Nicholas S. Bayard,
Samuel B. Parkman, James Shaw. Exrs: Louisa C. Greene, Dr. Lemuel Kollock of
Savannah, Russell Goodrich of Augusta, Ga.

WILLIAM STAUNTON of New York, mariner, resident of St. Marys, Ga.
Wife: Martha, sole legatee. Exr: Peter Rewiser of New York, friend.

Camden Co. WB A, Wills and Appraisements (1795 1829)

MRS. ELIZABETH SHEARMAN 5/3/1812:8/30/1815
Exrs: Friends, James Johnson, Richard M. Stiles of Savannah, in tru for her husband,
Edward Shearman, then to their ch (unnamed)

TIMOTHY HOLLINGSWORTH, late of East Florida, now of Ga., 2/6/1814:2/6/1814
Son: William. Dau: Mary, wife of Levin Gunby. To dau. of his decd wife, Mrs. Eliza
Bagley. Exrs: Son, William Hollingsworth and Levin Gunby, son in law.

JOHN BAILEY, JR. 10/10/1809:10/1/1810
Wife: Margaret. Son: William. Exrs: Bro., William Bailey and William Michler.

DANIEL S. DELANEY of East Florida 8/20/1813:6/1/1816
To: Jane M. Sterling and her two ch., and Thomas Starling (minors). Exrs: Edward
Wayman, John Frederick Clarke, Francis Richard, Jr.

JACOB MICKLER 5/1/1809:1816
Dau: Margaret. Sons: William, Jacob, Peter. Exrs: William Mickler, David G. Jones.

ROBERT RUDOLPH 10/21/1816:11/21/1817
Wife: Elizabeth. Nephews: John Rudolph, son of Zebulon Rudolph and Francis Ripley,
son of Robert Ripley. Exrs: Wife and James Vincent of St. Marys.

JAMES McGREGGOR of St. Bartholomew's Island, West Indies, Merchant, at present in
St. Marys, Ga. 8/1/1817:9/1/1817
Sister: Mrs. Sarah Waterman. Nephew: James McGreggor Thomson of Augusta, Ga.
Exrs: John F. Brown of St. Bartholomew's Island, West Indies and William Gibson of St.
Marys, Ga.

DR. JOHN ROSS 7/12/1815:
Nieces: Elizabeth Ridgeley, Marcia Diggs of Baltimore, Md, daus of his bro., Robert
Ross. Exrs: John Atkinson, Robert Stafford.

DR. CLARK NIGHTENGALE 10/23/1798, New York:1/3/1817
Wife: Martha May Washington Nightengale, all estate including his share of the estate of
his father, Joseph Nightengale, then to his son, Amasa Jackson Nightengale, a minor.
Sister: Pollie, wife of Samuel W. Greene of Providence and her ch.

ROBERT STAFFORD, 6/24/1817:7/29/1819
Four sons: James, John, George, William. Bro: Thomas. Daus: Sarah, Elizabeth, Mary,
Rebecca. Exrs: Son, John Stafford and cousin, Robert T. Stafford.

Camden WB A, Wills and Appraisements (1795 1829)

NATHAN ATKINSON, 3/17/1817:4/2/1817
Sons: John, Alexander, Edmund. Dau: Nancy. Exrs: Sons, John and Alexander Atkinson.

JAMES BIXBY, 2/26/1819:6/8/1819
Widow of deed bro., Mrs. Maria F. Bixby. Bros and sisters: Joseph Bixby, John Bixby,
Martha Monroe, Mary Thorndike, Julia Millakin, Deborah Elliott, Keziah Bixby estate in
E. Fla., etc. ) Exrs: Bro., Joseph Bixby and Mrs. Maria F. Bixby.

JOHN AGERETTE of St Marys, 7/14/1817:Codicil 7/20/1817:9/1/1817
Housekeeper: Fanny and two ch, George and Rosalena Agerette. Exr and gdn for ch:
Thomas H. Miller, Samuel Clark.

WILLIAM JOHNSTON, 5/31/1819:7/12/1819
Mrs: Mrs. Eliza M. Sands (wife of Ray Sands), Mrs. Euphemia Margaret Sinclalr (oldest),
Mrs. Nancy Mark, Sarah Jane Johnston, Sarah Starrett Cordelia Johnston. Grdau: Eliza
Johnston Sinclair. Wits: Ray Sands, John Boog, William Gibson, William F. Kelly.

THOMAS KING, of "Kings Bay" plantation, 6/25/1819:11/1/1819
Wife: Mary E. Nephew: William Kelly. Adopted dau: Isabella King Boog. To: Mary Eliza
Turner on day of her marriage. Exrs: Wife, William King, John Boog.

DANIEL NUNEZ, 7/16/1819:11/1/1819 Wife: Ann, sole legatee and extrx.

ALEXANDER OGDEN, (nrersaer of "Speculation Plantation" for King 6 Bixbp,
9/27/1819:1/5/1820. Stepson: Darius Couch (lot in Augusta whereon Keziah Ogden and
Elizabeth Robertson live). Darius Couch apptd admr with LWT annexed.

JAMES SHAW, 5/7/1819, Savannah, Ga.:3/30/1820, Camden, Ga.
Niece: Margaret Clark. Nephews: James Shaw McDonald, John Clark. Sister: Ann
McPherson. To: Ellen McDonald. Wife:Louisa C. Shaw. Codicil 5/7/1818, names sister:
Mrs. Margaret Clark.

JANE TAYLOR (alias Jane Campbell), 2/6/1820:6/6/1820
To: Heirs of John Todd, William Todd, Jemima Todd, and of James Wilson of Camden
Co. Exr: John Bailey of Camden Co.

MARTHA DELONEY, 7/15/1820:1/3/1821
Niece: Lucy Ann Barnes. Grdau: Mary Martha Kerr upon marriage or age 21. Son: Robert
James. Dau: Elizabeth B., wife of Dr. Richard M. Berrien. Exrs: Dr. R. M. Berrien, R. J.

Camden WB A, Wills and Appraisements (1795 1829)

GENEVIEVE B. RICHARD, widow, of Camden Co., 12/21/181~0:
Daus: Clementine Gautier. To: Clarissa, Dctsy Ann, John W. Richard, minor ch of her
deed son, William D. Richard. Sons: John C., Francls, John C. Exr/gdn: John C. Richard,

JAMES SMITH of St. Marys, tanner and currier, 6/17/1820, Philadelphia, Pa.:7/24/1820
Friend: Samuel McGerarn of Dist. of Southwark, Co. of Philadelphia, 40 guineas to be put
in hands of John Moreland or Joseph Cummings of Savannah, Ga., then remitted to his
bro., Joseph Smith of Belfast, Ireland, for benefit of testator's mother, Ma. Elizabeth
Smith. Wife: Mary, extrx and gdn of their five minor daus: Elizabeth, Marish, Rebecca,
Mary Martha, Catherine, mlnors.

JOHN BAILEY, SR., 10/28/1812:10/1/1821
Wife: Elizabeth. Ch: William, Zachariah, Mary, Winnifred, Margaret. Grson: John William
Bailey. Exrs: Sons, William and Zachariah Bailey.

JOHN RIPLEY MADISON of Massachusetts, Lt. Commander in US Navy, about to
depart on a cruise in Gulf of Mexico, St. Marys, Ga. 7/12/1819:4/6/1822
Wife: Mariah Church Madison, sole heir and extrx.

JOHN HAGIN, 10/28/1822:11/4/1822
Daus: Mary, wife of Jacob Summerlin, Keziah, Elizabeth, Sarah Ann. Sons: Jesse (oldest),
John P. Wife: Nancy. Exrs: William A. Knight of Wayne Co., Malachi Hagin of Camden
Co. Wits: Rev. Fleming Bates, Rev. John Slade, Thomas Ellis.

JAMES C. DILWORTH, pvd 1/7/1823
Wife: Elizabeth. Four ch: James C., Martha R., George, William. Exrs: Wife, John
Hardee, Sr., Thomas Ellis.

BASILE PELLETEER, native of Picardie, Fance, 11/22/1812:1/11/1823.
Son: Epolet A. Ponce Pelleteer, whole estate. Exr: Lewis Dufour to send him estate.

MICAJAH CREWS 2/9/1823: Codicil 1823:3/17/1823
Wife: Mary. Daus: Esther A. B. Crews, Charity Goodbread. Son in law: John J. North.
Grdau: Mary E. A. North. Son: Joseph. Exrs: Wife and Joseph Cone.

JOSEPH S. HODGES, nuncupative LWT 3/11/1822:3/22/1822
Gives his estate to his friend, Hezekiah Ponder for his kindness during illness. Died at
Burwell Atkinson's home.

Camden WB A, Wills and Appraisements (1795 1829)

ISHAM SPALDING 7/24/1815:1/5/1824
Wife (not named), sole extrx. Dau: Jane, minor. My two natural ch: Sally Prohock, Isham

MRS. HESTER CHRISTOPHER 1/13/1824:6/7/1824
To: J. David Braddock as tr for his dau., Hester Braddock. Dau: Mary Edwards. Bros:
William Braddock and William Berrie. Sister: Mary Edwards. To: William Berrie in tru for
his son, Richard. Land on Amelia Island. Exr: William Berrie.

GEORGE MORRISON 12/28/1823:6/7/1824
Nephews: George and Ignatius Morrison, Jr. Bro: John Morrison.

HARMON COURTER 12/28/1823:3/7/1825
To: William Gibson in tr for wife, Hannah Courter. Dau: Elsa (youngest). To: Mrs. Susan
Brownlow and son, Harrison Brownlow. Sons: Edward and Isaac Courter.

THOMAS COLLIER 3/11/1814:1/4/1815
Wife: Elizabeth Baller Collier, sole heir and extrx.

MRS. SARAH McFARLIN, widow of Robert McFarlin, late of St. Marys,
Sons: William Starrat. Grch: Sarah Starret, Thomas Starrat, Cordelia Johnston, Thomas
Starrat, Sarah Starrat, Margaret and Samuel Starrat. Cordelia is dau. of William Johnston
and his decd dau., Hannah. Starrat grch are ch of son, George Starrat and wife, Margaret.
Exr: William Gibson.

WILLIAM H. WILLIAMS 10/21/1823:1/3/1826
Wife: Ann Jane. "My children". Exrs: Wife, William Gibson, Lewis Bachlott.

ALLEN THOMAS 11/18/1824:1/3/1826
Wife: Priscilla, extrx."My children".

BRITTAIN BUNKLEY 3/8/1821:1/3/1826
Daus: Mary Harris, Sarah Clubb. Sons: Thomas P., Britain R. Exrs: Thomas P. and Britain
R. Bunkley, sons.

JOSEPH DESCLOUX 9/27/1825:5/9/1826
Four ch: Adel Barat, Angelique Descloux, Emelia Descloux, John Adolph Descloux. Dau:
Adelle Barat, wife of Barnard Barat. To: Peter Carmea and wife, Mary. Wife: Margaret.
Ch of Adell Barat: Adel, Angelique Emila, John Adolph Descloux Barat.

Camden WB A, Wills and Appraisements (1795 1829)

LEVIN GUNBY 9/27/1825:5/2/1826
Three ch: Maria, Louisa, John, minors. Wife: Mary, extrx.

JANE WILLIAMS 1/24/1826:8/7/1826
Four ch of James Lofton, decd: John, Ann, Sarah and James Washington Lofton. Their
mother, Elizabeth. Trustees for minors: Zachariah Bailey, John Bailey.

EDWARD J. SHEARMAN of East Florida 4/12/1827, Pablo St. Johns, Fla:4/24/1827
Ch: Elizabeth. Sisters: Susan and Lelilia. Exrs: Father, Edward Shearman and sister, Susan

MRS. CATHERINE HOWELL, widow of John Howell of Camden Co., St. Marys,
Niece of her husband: Eliza Ann Johnston. Nieces: Hannah McGillis Howell, Mariah
Osborne Howell. Servant: Patty. To: Margaret Eliza and Louisa Maria, infant ch of my
friend, Archibald Clarke of St. Marys. Exr: Archibald Clarke.

JOHN PARKER 5/22/18 :8/6/1827
Friends: Messrs. Williams, Morrison, J. H. McIntosh, neighbors, and William Gibson.
Friend: Col. William Drayton of Charleston, S. C., tr for my unfortunate niece, Susan
Parker, dau. of my bro., George Parker. Exrs: J. H. McIntosh, William Gibson.

FRANCIS STARLING 9/7/1825:5/8/1828
Wife: Mary. Son: Francis Asbury, Exrs: John Bailey, William Lang.

WILLIAM McNISH 5/15/1826:7/19/1828
My woman, Dorinda, my house at St. Marys. Her son, Bob, to be bound for 10 years. in
carpenter's trade. Bro: John McNish. Ch of bro., John: Mary Jane and William McNish.

CORNELIUS RAINS 5/2/1828:9/1/1828
Wife: Susan. Ch: Susan (eldest), Pollie, Cornelius (eldest), Margaret, Sarah (youngest),
and Martha Drummond. Exrs: James Lloyd, John Lee.

JOHN WOOD of St. Marys 11/2/1826:6/1/1829
Wife: Leleah. Dau: Jane Farley Pratt. Exrs: Wife, Leleah, Jane Farley Pratt and Rev.
Horace E. Pratt.

WILLIAM NIBLACK 12/8/1828:6/1/1829
To: Mary, Elizabeth, Esther, Susan, Joel. Exrs: James Niblack, Esther Niblack.

Camden WB A, Wills and Appraisements (1795 1829)

JOSEPH THOMAS, planter 3/24/1829:6/1/1829
Wife: Mrs. Jane W. Thomas. Ch: George W., Joseph, Robert, David, Mary, wife of
George Lang, Martha E., Emily. Exrs: George W. Thomas, son, and John Tompkins.